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Support Pete and his family

Many of you may be aware that one of our own was injured in the Boston Marathon bombings recently. Pete DiMartino was in the crowd with his family to support his mom who was participating in the race. Pete is a bartender at the Henrietta (Jefferson Rd) Macgregors. In prior years, Pete has also worked at the Empire and Perinton locations. Unfortunately, Pete, his girlfriend and his sister were all injured by one of the blasts. He has a long road to recovery in front of him, and it will not be easy.

We have started a fundraiser campaign to help raise money to offset his medical expenses. We will also be holding a couple of fundraising events in our Rochester area locations. Please consider giving a gift online, and follow us here or on facebook for details on the upcoming fundraising events.

Wednesday May 1st, @ 5:00 Fundraiser in Henrietta (Jefferson Road).

Thursday May 2nd, @ 5:00 Fundraiser in Penfield (Empire Blvd).

Friday May 3rd, @ 5:00 Fundraiser at the East & Alexander location.